IQRS on the trail in XL-Tour with Kovács "Xtreme" Laci

“Extreme exploring expedition with safety and optimal performance!”

During the most extreme conditions there is a solution that is based on the use of a telemetric device and a connected modular expert system. The telemetric device is capable of measuring the physical and physiological characteristics of sportsmen working in various points of the country during their sports activities on a permanent basis. The measured values are wirelessly transferred to a central database where they are processed online with the help of the various expert systems.

The results of these measurements can be used for many calculations of individual and team performance, which in turn help determine the exact points where performance improvement interventions can be made without risks. The performance indicators describe the physiological condition of sportsmen (such as the two channel ECG signals, body temperature and ambient temperature) and make it possible to measure their fastness, performance, actual speed and physical condition, as well as the quantity and quality of their movement.

The various expert modules provide support for sports and rehabilitation activities by determining the right loading pace from the physiological point of view, as well as for the elaboration of proper training plans and their monitoring. In case of injuries they also contribute to their exact diagnosis.

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