How it works

The usage of the platform is very easy. All the subjects wear an adjustable, light, waterproof, rugged and anti-allergen belts. The belts automatically switch on and off upon a contact with the body. Eight solar powered small sized portable reference points are allocated around the training field. A laptop with a USB pocket sized receiver collects all the information within the range of 200 meters. All the vital and motion values from the belts are logged, processed in real time through various algorithms and presented in user friendly graphical interface .

The chest belt

Measured parameters

- ECG (the electrodes are integrated in the belt itself) up to 1000Hz sampling rate body temperature, ambient temperature
- motion sensors (speed, acceleration, total number of sprints, covered distance, step number, motion analysis)
- Players field position (exercise and training match animation for analysis)

The attributes of the chest belt

- user friendly, flexible and comfortable mobile wireless signal recording device
- can be used all day long while moving around, running, sleeping or engaging in sports activities
- very easy to use, suitable for young and senior players
- the electrodes are integrated into the belt
- rechargeable, water resistant
- includes a wireless communication module in a compact form
- automatically detects its placement on the body
- can store up to 2 months of data
- other physiological sensors may be integrated into the system


The Telemetric Module

Transfers the data during activities through a wireless connection to a local server.
On-line Functions:

  • - Simultaneous monitoring of many subjects (24 belts included in a kit)
  • - Continuous, real-time detection of all signals (ECG, temperature, movement, position, etc.) with trend analyses
  • - Heart-rate detection
  • - Real-time training execution control
  • - Point out the aerobe and anaerobe phases – to determinate the ideal pulse value for optimal exercise loading (based on special test measurements)
  • - Real-time transmission of signals to a computer, the on-line analysis and monitoring of various metabolic processes (such as the changes of body temperature)
  • - Measurement of mechanical performance (speed, step number, step frequency, distance, performance, motion style, reaction time)
  • - Comprehensive analysis of arrhythmias is possible during exertion
  • - Displaying the whole ECG signal, so the artifacts can be identified
  • - Comparison of the mechanical and physiological performance

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The Reporting Module

  • - Real-time reports with graphs in 5 seconds (/series /exercise /training)
  • - Max / min / average heart rate
  • - Percent of personal maximal heart rate
  • - Covered distance, step number, sprint number
  • - Step number/sprints, step frequency
  • - Min / max /average speed, percentage of personal speed maximum
  • - %VO2max
  • - Heart rate graph
  • - Performance graph
  • - Temperature graph
  • - Speed graph
  • - Historical graphs

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The 3D Animation Module

With the help of the animation module the movement of players and their techniques may be monitored and also played back in 3D format after the trainings, making it possible to analyze the whole process of the training, the movements of the players, their performance and the various performance indicators and physiological characteristics attributed to each player. The system measures the distance of players from each other.

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The Exercise Physiology Expert System Module

The examination protocol includes a wave and rhythm analysis conducted in a state of rest. These state-of- rest data provides information on the patient/sportsman’s psychological and physical condition before the registration of the match / training data starts.

  • - ECG and heart rate analyses
  • - 1kHz sampling
  • - Detection of even slight fevers
  • - Determining the actual status of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerve system
  • - Various mathematical and statistical measurements of the selected parts of the record
  • - (HRV, standard deviation, Poincare diagram, Spectrums, PNNx, etc.)

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The Antropometrical Module

The collected antropometrical data determines the players performance capacity and capability. After entering their results on-line, players get the degree of their threat and can be monitored by the efficiency of their diet and training.

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The Injury Diagnostic Module

The injury diagnostics module supports the registration of injuries and other medical data on an interactive 3D body model. This means that a player may indicate any symptoms they may have on the body model via a password protected website. After setting up the diagnosis, the doctor registers the results on the body model as well. This way, any injuries, their diagnoses and treatments can be monitored in an easy-to-comprehend, visualized and properly controlled manner. By analyzing the data of the telemetric device it is possible to follow the rehabilitation process in a controlled manner, and the training plan may also be modified according to the needs. Based on the information gathered this way, the duration of rehabilitation can be predicted.

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The Internal And External Scouting Module

This module helps to determine whether a player has the desired technical or physical attributes to be successful at the sport. Some of the desired attributes that scouts can study, store and analyze in graphical form include: reflexes, good heading and tackling ability, height, bravery in attempting challenges, concentration, anticipation, tackling and marking abilities, work rate, etc. It is possible to collect the performance improvement data of the subjects.

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The Rehabilitation Module

The rehabilitation module helps doctors and other specialists working in cardiological and other rehabilitation institutions. It will provide safe telecontrol of rehabilitation activities, as well as the possibility of tele-monitoring the process and giving the right response in case of emergency.

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The Automatic Alarm System Module

The automatic alarm system module gives alarms to the user in special cases. These alarm situations have to be defined by the users for special values of different mathematical parameters. For example if the maximum pulse is higher than a special value, or the Poincare diagram is larger than a special value, the system sends an automatic alarm to the user.

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The Technical Tactical Training Control Module

The module for supporting the completion of training methodologies. It is possible to monitor the completion of training plans on the basis of shifting and performance meters. Since all trainings are saved in the database, it is also possible to monitor changes in the course of time.

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The Psychology Expert Module

Players mental and phychological training and analisys system analizes and reacts to absorbed childhood reflexes, motivation, etc.

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The Ball Sensor Module

Logs the balls initial and end speed, kick strenghth. Ball trajectory can be generated.

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The Video Recording Module

With 8 HD cams mounted on the reference points and integrated to the platform, training session recording and playback (will be available soon).

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The Data Management Module

General modules connected to the telemetric system support the administrative management of data stored in the central database.

The setup of various authorization levels, the chronological interpretation of the data as well as the management of training logs is available.

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