Team sport analysis and management: All in one system!
The I-QRS Team Sport telemetric system is the first integrated system that provides every information (vital and motion) real-time using only a simple, small chest-belt.
With the help of different modules of the system, the collective and individual monitoring of players leads to more efficient trainings for each player, the whole team and the trainer.

The telemetric module transfers data even during sports activities through a wireless connection to a local server. The real-time analysis of the data enables the trainer to give feedback already during the sport activity. The telemetric module may also be important for the head-coach of a national team, or head-coach of a club, by allowing remote real-time observations of the players. Detailed motion analysis, quick on-line reports, on-line monitoring and analysis of the vital parameters, together with the historical analysis, and individual player profiles may improve the tactical and physical performance of the players on a professional level. With the help of the animations and tactical counseling support modules, the movement of players and their techniques may be analyzed and converted into computer animations of the playing field. A user-friendly software application helps to play back the sport activity in 3D on a computer screen after the trainings, making it possible to analyze the whole training process. The animation system operates both inside and outside. The injury diagnostics module will support the registration of injuries and other medical data on an interactive 3D body model accessible via Internet. Any injuries, their diagnoses and treatments will be monitored in an easy-to-comprehend, visualized and properly controlled manner. Additional modules will help in talent identification, the analysis of the body composition of the players, and in the management of the sport organization. The resting module will allow to calibrate each player and monitor initial health/readiness status personally.

The team sport platform is fully mobile and easy to install at any location; indoor, outdoor, training camps. All items can be fitted in one suitcase. The team sport platform allows the coach to see the stress level of all the players at once at each training stage, so he can make all the necessary adjustments instantly and individually. Different custom training plans can be built and various reports, chart comparisons, statistics created for coaches, players, doctors and club owners.

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Train animals with new technical opportunities! Our equine telemetric system has all the functions that are available for athletes. We will continuously and on-line monitor and analyze vital and motion signals of the horses during sport and other activities.
Interesting questions can be examined using the telemetric system such as:

  • How a horse tolerates transportation, training and races
  • How it reacts to various situations
    - Before / After obstacles
    - Trainer’s interventions
  • Full ECG signal transmission even while racing on the trotting course!
  • Objective condition comparison during sales transactions.

We are closely working together with professional equine veterinarians in our development.
Coming soon!

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Take care of those in need far away! Nowadays a key problem of society is the growing number and ratio of people at high age, who require more supervision and care due to their corporal and mental status.

I-QRS is developing an artificially intelligent, life sign-preserving complete service which will track various vital signs automatically and continuously. With the help of this system, it is possible to ease the life of not just elderly people, but also provide aid to disabled persons, people in stress or remote locations.
Planned main features:

  • - detection of life threatening situations
  • - comprehensive and safe analysis of arrhythmias
  • - detection of even slight fevers
  • - the actual status of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerve system
  • - downfall, immobility or spastic status
  • - exact location of the patient
  • - hampered respiration, wheeze
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Improve human physical performance while constantly preserving health!
The I-QRS telemetric system monitors and controls the patients’ reactions to exercise, their functional process and adaptation process in order to avoid over-training, which may result in fatigue, mental and physical stress, a significant decrease in work capacity, and even illness and injuries.

We are developing a rehabilitation module which helps doctors, physiotherapist and other specialists to provide safe tele-control of rehabilitation activities, monitoring of the process, and give the right response in case of emergency.
The I-QRS system also helps developing more efficient training methods.

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Protect lives during deployment too! The on-line monitoring of physiological and psychic conditions, vital and motion signals and loadability helps the work of military and fire-service.
Health and vital signs, as well as the physical motion of firemen during deployment may be tracked, in order to be able to rescue them immediately in case of loss of consciousness, heat-overload, falling or other life-threatening situations.

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